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Where we are at:

11% monthly support

This budget includes our expected living expenses and ministry costs (based in the US)

So here’s a ballpark of what we need—

We need 20 people to give $100/month

We need 10 people/groups to give $200/month

We need 10 partners to give $500/month (thinking churches, discipleship groups, life groups, businesses or individuals)

Or whatever you feel the Lord leading you to give! He owns everything, so we aren’t worried, but without your help we may be without a place to lay our heads, homeless and hungry, and if that happens we will try to learn to make tents and just be content in every situation. But our heart is to build a strong team of senders so that we can be a living picture of how a worker is worth their wages and so that you can see the fruit of your investment in the nations coming to Jesus as partakers in His grace! If you want to set up an appointment to get together or talk on zoom, email me at the email address at the bottom of this page! We will share more with you!


I had the opportunity to speak to a couple who hosts a house church in North Carolina, and we did a zoom meeting where I shared my heart with their community and asked them to share theirs! Turns out almost everyone in that room was artistic and had a massive heart for the nations. Four of the people in that living room will be going out to the nations within two years (or sooner) Lord willing! God turned that evening into an amazing time of discovering his heart to joyfully release our finances for kingdom work and send their own people out by their own local house church community, with the confidence that God will provide!

I watched them pray in real time together and listen as a group for the leadership of the Holy Spirit to tell them who to support and how much. It was so simple and so sweet! How miraculous watching them “being the church” in a way that took all of us way beyond hearing God’s vision for just my own life to their decision to help support others in their own body. Please pray that God will continue to surprise that group in Asheville, NC and reward them for their generosity to me and to their own missionaries they are now sending out! God is raising up a generation that believes what Jesus teaches about money, and acts accordingly, and I am so excited for them to walk into kingdom living!

What excites me about this!

Through giving, you will get the chance to partner with a network of global workers, artists, musicians, and ethnomusicologsts to see God heal and restore people and build the church. Specifically, I am so excited about introducing you to this organization, Inspiro/Operation Mobilization, because of its combined emphasis on church planting and missional artistry!

We want to join people from every nation tribe and tongue sing, play, paint, dance, draw our stories and His, telling our love for Him in our childlike joy—in simple offerings of love. We want to explore how God meets us in worship—building a church of living stones, healing the broken, and bringing us into intimacy with Himself.

And we want you to come with us! Will you ask our Father, the provider of all good things how much He wants you to invest in this team for His kingdom purposes?

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